Unity is a noble cause, but it’s not likely to happen anytime soon

We’re now one week past the 2020 presidential election and we still don’t have a definitive winner between President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden.

Yes, I know. Many in the mainstream media have already declared Biden the president elect. But last I checked, the constitution doesn’t give the media the right to declare the winner. They can only offer a projection. Elections have to be certified by the states and the Electoral College casts electoral votes in December.

Several states continue to count ballots as we speak. And Trump’s team has submitted multiple lawsuits alleging that fraud has taken place in many swing states.

Whether the courts can and will play any role in determining the winner of this election remains to be seen. But due to the contentious nature of the process, it doesn’t appear this country is ready to kiss and make up anytime soon.

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Biden and many on the left are calling for “unity”

After declaring himself the winner, Biden has multiple times called for the country to drop the divisive rhetoric and come together as a country.

This is a noble cause, to be sure. But I’m afraid that’s a wild goose chase.

For starters, you have to take into account how vicious the left, led by members of congress, the media, Hollywood, and university faculty, have treated President Trump all four years of his presidency. They were quick to criticize and slow to commend. They called him names and attacked his character. And what’s worse is they lambasted his supporters for “enabling” him.

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe this country is irrevocably divided. Few want to see this country united as much as I do. There is something powerful about Americans of all political stripes chanting “USA! USA! USA!” We used to see that type of solidarity on American holidays, in the aftermath of terror attacks, or during times of war.

That type of unity comes from one place: a true love of country.

Do we even share that in common anymore?

Republicans still love America. That’s a defining characteristic of the party. I assume many Democrats do, too.

But “progressives” in this country — those on the far left of the political spectrum who have radical ideas that are antithetical to America’s fundamental principles — have seriously instilled doubt about their love for this great country.

Leftists don’t love the country and want to fundamentally change it

If you’ve paid attention to the national narrative over the past several months — and perhaps even the last four years — you’ve noticed a growing disdain for this country.

Leftists have called our country systemically racist. They have torn down statues of great American leaders of the past. Many have dared to challenge America’s founding in 1776 and have instead claimed that 1619 was its true inception. They have assaulted our police, destroyed our cities, and have burned our American flag while chanting “F— America!”

Does this sound like love of country to you? It certainly doesn’t to me.

Many on the left will make excuses for them and say that those are just “extreme” members of the party. But that’s just false. When these destructive actions have taken place, the media and the Democrats look the other way and change the narrative.

The left’s values are un-American, and in some cases anti-American

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, one of the most notable liberals in the country, recently said this: “Many of the ideas we fought for, that just a few years ago were considered radical, are now mainstream.”

Translation: the Democrat party is moving further to the left, not the center. American values are being trampled on. The left wants to replace the ideals that made this country great with radical ideas that have been tried — and have failed — in other countries.

Chief among these policies is socialism. Leftists think it’s unfair that wealthy people make more money than them. They want to vilify anybody who has worked hard and earned their wealth. They feel wealth should be equally distributed regardless of work ethic, financial risk, market demand or other marks of capitalism.

Leftists have also shunned God and have promoted secularism. This great country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Secularists believe in an absurd concept of “moral relativism” where different cultures determine what is moral. Worse than that is the idea that right and wrong are determined by each person individually. The concept is absurd on its face. The further our country separates from God, the worse it’s going to get.

One other notable leftist value that is destroying our country is this obsession with identity. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

That is a beautiful and noble sentiment. But don’t tell that to Leftists in today’s world. The left wants to emphasize identity: on race, gender, sexuality, religion and other such characteristics. The left lives in a perpetual state of victimhood. It’s caused by the ideology of intersectionality.

Intersectionality is a theory that different people are organized into social and political identities which determine a level of discrimination and privilege. The idea is pure nonsense, given that it completely labels and categorizes people and assumes they’re predestined for success or failure based on characteristics out of their control. It also increases the likelihood that they will blame others for their failures rather than taking responsibility for their own actions.

You can’t unify conflicting ideology

America is so divided right now because the ideology between the left and right is near polar opposite.

The right believes in capitalism, the left in socialism. You cannot resolve that difference.

The right believes in limited government and individual responsibility. The left wants the government to control more and to take care of its citizens. It’s difficult to meet in the middle of that, too.

The right wants strong borders, the left wants open borders. Republicans believe in the sanctity of life while Democrats support the murder of babies in the womb. Republicans believe in traditional American values, gender roles, the biblical definition of marriage and strong religious liberty. Democrats want to eradicate American values, believe there’s no inherent difference between men and women, think humans can change their gender — or think there are more than two genders — and want to remove God from society altogether.

These are major differences between the two sides of the country and there is almost no way to bridge the gap. So, with all due respect to Vice President Biden, I do not see this country unifying anytime soon.

Ryan Glab
Ryan Glab
A Christian, conservative man seeking an open mic and a stage in the crowded, clamorous barroom of life. Fear God, love Jesus, and always seek truth.