President Trump announced on Friday that he and congressional Democrats reached an agreement on a short-term spending bill to re-open the government until February 15. The agreement will end a government shutdown that has been going on for five weeks.

Trump has previously stated he would not sign anything that didn’t include money for a border wall, but he apparently has amended that stance as the agreement reached with Democrats includes no such funds.

This comes as a shock to many on the right who have wanted the President to stand strong and not give in. I’m a little perturbed as well, but I’m not ready to blame the President for changing course.

Trump needs help from the Democrats in order to get money to build the wall. Thus, it was not a bad idea to show a goodwill gesture in compromising on this new bill. However, if the Democrats continue to be stubborn and refuse any money for a border wall, then it’ll be time for Trump to play hardball.

If, by Feb. 15, Trump and members of Congress cannot reach an agreement on a long-term spending bill that includes funding for the wall, Trump needs to declare a national emergency.

I know this is not the ideal scenario, but let’s face it: the southern border is an emergency. Period.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states: “In 2017, there were 70,237 drug overdose deaths in the United States.” Many of those drugs were smuggled into our country across the southern border. Seventy thousand deaths is more than those caused by hurricanes or other natural disasters.

How is that not a national emergency?

Likewise, MS13 and other gang members sneak into our country all the time. Many people with criminal pasts are deported — some repeatedly — and yet come back into the country and commit heinous crimes.

How is that not a national emergency?

There are plenty of other reasons to build the wall that don’t necessarily call for an emergency — such as illegal aliens stealing jobs from naturally-born citizens and legal immigrants, or living off entitlements and becoming a drain on our economy. But drugs and repeat criminal offenders are enough reason to declare an emergency.

I know there will be an uproar if Trump declares a national emergency — from both Democrats and even some moderate Republicans. I know it’ll get challenged in court almost immediately. But President Trump is well within his legal right to call an emergency and if it has to get decided in the Supreme Court, so be it.

One way or another, this country needs to secure our borders. And I don’t care how President Trump gets it done.