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Young boy halts baseball game to tell father he loves him

If you’re looking for an uplifting moment to raise your spirits on a dreary Monday, how about this touching moment between father and son at the ol’ ball park?

Husband gets emotional over wife’s photo booth pregnancy revelation

I’ve seen and heard any number of surprise pregnancy revelations, but I think I have a new favorite.

A wife who loves taking photos in photo booths with her husband thought up a clever way to reveal to him that she was pregnant. The two climbed into a booth for what seemed like a routine set of pictures, but unbeknownst to him, she had a surprise up her sleeve. During one of their pictures, she held up a little cap with the word “baby” printed on it and then revealed it to him afterward. His emotional reaction was priceless!

Dad surprises daughter with concert, plane tickets … delivered by a cop

I enjoy a feel-good story, particularly if it’s one that involves someone who is down on her luck being lifted up emotionally by a bit of a good news.

According to a Yahoo! story, in Saukville, Wisc., a 17-year-old girl was on her way to school when she was pulled over by a traffic cop. The girl, who had spent more than 60 days in a hospital last year while recovering from a rare disease, thought she was being pulled over for running a stop sign, or so the cop initially informed her.

Little did she expect to receive two tickets from him — a plane ticket to New York and a concert ticket to see her favorite band on tour. Nor did she expect her dad to arrange the little surprise to help boost her spirits.