Best pies on Pi Day - Apple Pie
Best pies on Pi Day – Apple Pie

Math was always one of my best subjects in school. It just came naturally to me because I have an analytical mind that seeks reason and meaning.

While other subjects like science, language, art, and geography are flexible to change, there is something to be said about the definitiveness of math. Something comforting in knowing that math has a resolution to it and is not going to change.

Science is always evolving and amending itself. Language will change with the times and cultures. Art is a random hodgepodge of creativity and interpretation. And geography updates itself as societies dictate.

But with math, one plus one will always equal two.

With that said, I have never understood what pi is and how to apply it to my life. It has something to do with the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, but what kind of fun is that?

So, as the world celebrates National Pi Day on March 14 — or, 3.14, the first digits of pi — I’m going to celebrate Pie Day — which was actually January 23, but it’s worth repeating.

Here’s a list of my favorite pies — which I can no longer eat unless there is a gluten-free alternative.

  1. Key Lime
    I was tempted to leave this one off the list because I’m not currently craving it, but it’s very tasty when I’m in the mood for it.
  2. Banana Cream
    I’m hit or miss with this pie just as I am with bananas in general, but when I do feel the craving for it, this is a delicious choice.
  3. Lemon Meringue
    I’m not a huge fan of lemon-flavored things, but this pie has just the right amount of it.
  4. Vanilla Caramel
    Perfect for when you want something tasty yet not over the top.
  5. Turtle
    Some people prefer simplistic desserts without too many ingredients — but I love desserts with lots of flavors and “stuff” in them!
  6. Pecan
    I’m a big fan of pecans and I also like them in my ice cream as well as my pie.
  7. Chocolate Creme / German Chocolate / Chocolate Silk
    I couldn’t figure out which chocolate pie I liked best, so I threw them all together.
  8. Cherry
    I typically don’t like cherry-flavored things because it gives me flashbacks to when I was sick as a child and had cherry cough syrup. But this pie is the exception to the rule.
  9. Boston Cream
    I love custard-filled desserts, and this also finds its way onto my favorite donut list.
  10. Oreo
    One of the best-flavored cookies of all time made into pie format!
  11. Pumpkin
    I love all pumpkin-flavored treats, and what’s best about this is that it is seasonal, thus it becomes better for its timeliness.
  12. Apple
    You’re not American if you don’t like apple pie. In fact, the old saying, “as American as apple pie”, spells out its greatness.