The weak in sight can see more clearly than those whose eyes are clouded by the dust of the world.

Ryan Glab (10.16.15)

Think back to a time when you encountered someone with the thickest glasses you had ever seen.

Maybe it was a random stranger in the grocery store. Maybe it was a grandparent or other elderly relative. Or, maybe it’s you, as you push the bridge of your glasses back up to the top of your nose as your read this sentence.

Now imagine being lost in a desert in the middle of a sandstorm with hurricane-strength winds, where every grain of sand represents a sin, or an otherwise unbecoming behavior perpetrated by one of God’s children.

Which person in the two aforementioned examples do you think can see better?

We may be born with weaknesses and defects. Some of us may have better eyesight than others. But, unless we are born blind, we have means of correcting our vision.

On the other hand, if we traverse too far out and associate ourselves with the sinful ways of the world, we become blind to what is around us, wandering around lost and confused with no sense of direction.

We’ll always be sinners, but we have ways of improving our sight by avoiding the sinful desert and letting Jesus show us the way.