There are many in the football community who don’t like him, but I’m one of Tim Tebow’s biggest fans.

My assumption is that those who do not like Tebow are disgruntled about all the media attention he gets. And it’s true, he receives an abundance of attention for a quarterback who just can’t keep a job in the NFL.

With that said, I wouldn’t mind him getting more attention for the kind of person he is and, more specifically, for his strong Christian faith.

That could also be a reason why he has a lot of detractors.

For you see, every time Tebow approached the lectern for a post-game press conference during his playing days, he began his comments with: “I just want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” For Tebow knows, like all Christians do, that we are nothing without God’s blessings, and we are condemned to eternal death if not for Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross.

But in today’s world, I guess we aren’t allowed to offer a thank you without it offending someone.

Another gesture that probably rubbed people the wrong way is that Tebow frequently prayed before, after and even during games. Apparently the sight of a man humbling himself, dropping to his knee, and communicating with his heavenly father is such an offense to others as well.

Tebow has an incredible backstory and an ongoing legacy of serving those less fortunate than him and spreading the word of God. You can read more about his life on his Wikipedia page.

Here’s just one example of the kind of impact he has on others. This video is so touching.