Humility is a very appealing quality in a person, and I have a much bigger level of respect for Aaron Rodgers after seeing him exhibit that trait.

Not to be confused with a Green Bay Packers fan — I’m a diehard Chicago Bears fan — it’s in my innate genetic makeup to dislike the Packers’ starting quarterback. But I respect his ability to play the game because he has put up unrealistic statistics consistently throughout his career.

As a result of his dominance, Packers backup quarterback Scott Tolzien compared Rodgers to the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

“I mean, to me, it’s like watching Jordan in his prime,” Tolzien said of Rodgers. “He’s at the top of his game. He makes it all go.”

I, of course, scoff at any and all comparisons of current basketball players to Jordan. Can you imagine my response to that when a football player was compared to him?

But when Rodgers was asked about the comment, his response was filled with humility and grace.

“I’m not worthy of that comparison,” Rodgers said.

No, Aaron, you’re certainly not. But you’re worthy of my respect.