Pope Francis is visiting the United States for the first time on Tuesday, and his presence surely will draw attention from all walks of life in this country.

The Catholics and other Christ followers will surely flock to hear what he has to say while nonbelievers and stout supporters of the separation of church and state will be wary, skeptical or downright dismissive of the pontiff’s visit.

As a Christ follower myself, and one who is disturbed — to say the least — by the direction of the country and in its out-of-whack list of priorities, I’m very curious to hear what message he has to deliver to not only our government but our citizens as well.

I would hope he addresses the wealth in our country and the responsibility that comes with it. We have more poverty in this country than a nation of this prosperity should ever have. I would also think he might discuss abortion and the right to life for all unborn babies, the sanctity of marriage, and religious freedom in general.