Nearly everyone has had some kind of tiff with a neighbor at some point in their lives, or at least has known someone who has gone through such an experience. Most often it’s a result of some kind of boundary dispute or noise complaint on which you don’t quite see eye-to-eye. Just as brothers and sisters can get into fights because personalities will conflict over a prolonged period of time, certain rifts can forge between nearby neighbors.

But perhaps the most discouraging spats with neighbors occur when they’re just plain unfriendly and unyielding when it comes to city ordinances.

In a story from CBS Pittsburgh, a 14-year-old girl meticulously built a luxurious tree house in her front yard as part of her school’s class project. It was a two-story getaway with Harry Potter posters, a battery-powered fan and light. It even had a bird feeder outside and a place to put a television.

Not a bad job by a kid, huh?

Apparently, her grumpy, curmudgeonly neighbor filed a complaint with the city council and now the girl is being forced to take it down because it doesn’t comply with city codes.

I’m one who believes firmly in rules and laws. But I’m also one who believes in letting kids grow and develop life skills and to have their fun before childhood passes them by.

At least the girl got an A-plus on her assignment and was able to enjoy it for a while.