What would it take for you to sell your “dream house?” If the place had almost everything you could want except for one detail, what would that have to be before you place a “For Sale” sign in the front yard?

For one Washington man, an internet connection is just enough to call it quits on his dream house.

According to a story from The Verge, a man named Seth Morabito purchased a home in rural Kitsap County, Washington. “It met all of our criteria, and more,” Morabito wrote on his personal blog.

Apparently, not everything.

After being told initially that the house would be eligible for Comcast internet services, he later learned after moving into the house that the company probably won’t be extending broadband to his area. While he still stays connected through a “Verizon JetPack mobile hot spot,” it does not allow him to be very productive in his job as a software developer.

I can’t say I blame Morabito. I’d be a little perturbed, too, if a company told me one thing and came back with a different answer after I had just made a major purchase.

However, three things came to mind when I read this story. First, if I really thought I had a dream house, I would bear the slow internet connection and focus less of my life on it. Second, if I had a work-from-home job like Morabito, I wouldn’t have accepted “promises” from a business instead of proof of service before buying the home. And third, if internet was that important to me — which it is, since I obviously use it a lot — I wouldn’t label it my “dream house.”

If nothing else, this story does beg the question: could you give up the concept of a fast internet connection for the sake of keeping what you consider your dream house? Chew on that one for a while.