It’s a horrifying thought, one that passes through the mind but often isn’t given much credence. What if the baby you are given at the hospital isn’t really your own because of some kind of mixup?

As difficult as that is to comprehend, it has happened before and could happen again. But even if a colossal mistake like that happened, that baby would still get the love and attention it deserved, wouldn’t it?

According to a story in the New York Times, a baby in France was mistakenly given to the wrong mother, only to be discovered more than a decade later to be the wrong child. But that did not stop or alter the mother’s love for “her” child, and the mother-daughter pair reportedly still share that sacred bond.

It’s a terrible thought, to think that you could be separated from your biological child at the hospital on the day of his or her birth. But one concept I feel this story demonstrates is that love is a feeling that develops through bonding more than blood.

As a pastor once preached from the stage in front of me, love develops over time due to the interactions you have with others. The bonding. If you were placed into a house with a stranger and a sibling whom you’ve never met before, it’s conceivable that you could grow to love the stranger more than the sibling.

Sadly, even though you could grow to love a child you were mistakenly given at the hospital, the mixup is a colossal mistake that robs you of time with your biological, God-given offspring.

But family is more than biology, and I was pleased to hear that the bond between the mother and her non-biological child still runs strong.