Life is not a movie that gives you second takes and stunt doubles. You have one shot to get it right, so give your best effort in every scene.

Ryan Glab (01.20.15)

I consider myself quite the movie buff. Not only do I enjoy watching movies from a wide range of genres on a regular basis, but I like to lose myself in the moment, suspend disbelief, and feel that I’m part of something special.

Despite this romanticism with the silver screen, I always keep in perspective that life is not like a movie. Movies are well thought out, planned and scripted, to capture the attention and pull at the heartstrings of a wide audience. In reality, our lives have a much smaller audience and are not rehearsed. We improv the plot because the script always changes. We have one opportunity to make the most of each moment — or “scene”, if you will — and don’t get the benefit of special effects or directors making things better for us.