Don’t settle for someone who settles for you. Half a heart isn’t worth half your time.

Ryan Glab (01.13.15)

One of the hardest of life’s lessons for young people to learn is that breakups are relationship-ending, not life-ending.

I, like most people, had my struggles growing up and breaking up with girlfriends. The void that your heart feels when you’ve lost someone so close to you is a tough feeling to come to grips with. And the emotional and mental toll comes with doubt and insecurity as you wonder whether you’ll ever find someone as great as the person you’ve just lost. You question whether there is something wrong with you and you often resort to begging and pleading your ex to come back to you.

In reality, we’re all better off cutting the cord and letting that person go. Yes, it’s difficult to realize that in the moment because all you can think about is how hollow you feel. But when you have a moment to rationalize things and put the breakup in perspective, you come to realize that if a person doesn’t want to be with you, they are not worth your time.

There is someone out there for everybody — I’ve found mine! — and that person is willing to give you their entire heart.