I was sifting through some old materials the other day, and came across one of my quotes from way back in the day. It’s a quote I’ve preached and held on to for quite some time now.

A painful truth is worth more to me than a million dollar lie could ever be.

Ryan Glab (date unknown)

All too often, we hide truth from others to protect their feelings. While the idea behind this thought is noble, it isn’t doing the other person any favors. I recall a few times from my early twenties when I was told a “little white lie” because the person sharing the lie thought it would spare my feelings and make me feel better to believe it.

Anybody who has ever discovered they have been lied to knows what came next.

Through one circumstance or another, I found out the truth of the matter and the idea of being lied to hurt far worse than the truth itself.

To me, preaching truth is what we all should be striving to do on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean that you have to be cold and heartless while delivering the truth. But one way or another, your secret will be revealed and it will hold a longer, lasting effect on the person you’re trying to protect, an effect that will be harder for them to stomach.