One of my all-time favorite television game shows is the “The Price is Right”, which has been on air for more than 42 years now. Contestants get to guess the price of prizes and play games to win more of them.

The most entertaining part of the show was, is, and always will be the jubilant celebration from the participants on the show. Whether they’ve just won a “Showcase Showdown” or the spin of the big wheel stops on $1.00 (earning them a quick $1,000) — or even as simple as being called from the audience to be a contestant on the show — the celebrations are hilarious.

Nobody wants to be remembered for those “oops” moments of celebration. There have been quite a few of them (just do a quick YouTube search), but here’s one of the latest:

P.S. A bonus laugh is given for those who don’t quite know how the bidding goes. The contestant who bid $499 messed up. Instead of bidding $1 over the previous contestant’s bid, she went $1 under, which means she would have had to guess the price exactly right to win, because you cannot bid over the actual price.