What are you doing New Years … New Years Eve? Those aren’t just the lyrics of a popular song, they’re actually an annual question most people find themselves asking. Do I dine out? Do I eat in? Do I travel? Do I stay home? Do I play games? Do I explore the city?

Deciding what to do isn’t always easy and often requires deciding what best fits your personality. I know a night of hitting the bars and partying isn’t necessarily for me. I prefer a bit more quality time spent ringing in the new year with those I love.

Here are a few ideas for those seeking some help filling their schedule.

  • Plan a getaway

    Do you enjoy traveling? Do you have a list of places you’d like to visit in your lifetime? Do you just “wanna get away” from the hassles of drunkards on New Year’s Eve? Then maybe planning a getaway is the New Year’s activity for you. Ring in the new year from a different city or state every year and make a tradition out of it.

  • Host a dinner party

    Do you have a close group of friends with whom you’d prefer to celebrate the new year? Spice up your celebration by having a dinner party at your house. It can be something classy with candles, music and fancy attire, or something more relaxed with a potluck buffet. Be sure to serve these wings if you choose the latter!

  • Have a romantic dinner

    Are you a romantic at heart? Does the idea of fruit, wine and cheese by the fireplace appeal to you? Do you have a special someone who means more to you than any New Year’s party ever could? Turn down the lights, get the ambient glow going, and pick from hundreds of rom coms to set the mood.

  • Attend a sporting event or concert

    Maybe the idea of celebrating the new year has little to no effect on you at all. Perhaps you’d rather enjoy the ambiance of a professional sporting event or a rock concert. Instead of cheering the turn of the calendar year you can root for a big play by your favorite team or the awesome lyrics from your favorite band.

  • Host a game night

    If you enjoy playing board games, card games, video games, party games, drinking games, or even computer games, then spending New Year’s Eve locked into battles with friends, either casually or competitively, might be the activity for you.

  • Watch a movie marathon

    If you’re a movie buff like me, you might be more interested in watching some of those new movies you got for Christmas, or old classics that bring back good memories, rather than the New Year’s countdown on network TV. It might be a good opportunity to invite the friends over and watch a good, epic movie saga.

  • Have a support group meeting

    Have you had a rough year? Do you feel you might need a little reboot of the system before you start a brand new year? Call up members of your church community, a support group you might be in, or otherwise close friends whom you can confide in, and spend the evening sharing your thoughts and feelings and helping each other brainstorm ideas for having the best new year of your life.

  • Visit a local pub

    Do you prefer to cut loose, surround yourself with loud music and merry company while ringing in the new year with an alcoholic beverage in hand? If shouting until your voice is hoarse and there is a ringing in your ears sounds appealing to you, then this might be the choice of activity for you.

  • Plan a wine tasting party

    Are you a wine enthusiast? Do you enjoy your reds and whites, sweets and drys? There are countless wines in the world and not enough time to try them all. Call up your friends and family and have everybody bring a bottle of wine they’ve never had nor heard of before, plus as many shot glasses as they can round up. Pour a sampling of each wine and enjoy the tasting with some cheese and chocolates.

  • Organize a cookie exchange and sampling

    Are you a baker? Do you enjoy testing your mettle in the kitchen? Or, perhaps you just have leftover Christmas cookies that you want to get rid of. Have all your baker friends bring a batch of cookies and spend the evening tasting the sugar rush while ringing in the new year.

  • Have a post-Christmas White Elephant gift exchange

    Did you get a gift for Christmas that just isn’t going to make the cut? A t-shirt that’s too small? An ugly pair of socks? Yet another new tie? A movie you already own? A gift card to a restaurant you don’t like? A book you don’t intend to read? Well, wrap that sucker back up and bring it to a party with friends and family — just make sure the person you received your gift from isn’t there! Play the white elephant gift exchange and take home an overtime Christmas gift.

  • Do something artistic or crafty

    Do you have a hobby simmering somewhere below the surface? Have you been hoping to start one but just haven’t found the time? Maybe your upcoming New Year’s resolution is to build something creative? Why wait for the calendar page to turn? Why not start your hobby a little early instead?

  • Go to, or have a costume party

    Who says costumes have to be for Halloween alone? Do you enjoy dressing up and showing off your intelligent costume ideas? Perhaps you wanted to attend a party back in October but couldn’t make it for one reason or another. Here’s your second chance.

  • Decorate for a staycation

    Maybe you’d like to take a getaway or even a full-blown vacation for New Year’s, but you just don’t have the money to do so right now. Why not decorate your house and make it as close to the real thing as possible? Wanna go to Mexico? Make a fiesta out of New Year’s. Feeling Italian? Play some Italian music and break out the pasta dinner. Have a sausage and beer for Oktoberfest. Break out the beads and costumes for Mardi Gras. Wear a lei and have a luau in your Hawaiian home. Let your imagination run wild have a ball.

  • Cross an item off your bucket list

    Do you keep a bucket list? Are you hoping to accomplish as much as you can in life? You should have the attitude that you’re not going to put things off another day. Scan your bucket list and pick one item (or more) that you’d like to accomplish this calendar year. Do something adventurous, learn something new, taste something different, alter your appearance, have a little fun! You can make a tradition out of crossing off one thing every New Year’s Eve.

Whatever you decide to do for New Year’s, make it a safe, fun and memorable evening!