There are several expressions in life that seek to emphasize just how great God’s power and presence are.

My GOD is bigger than your god.

This one is an expression that almost every religion will try to use seeking to prove “its god” is bigger than “the God.”

My God is bigger than my problems.

For those seeking comfort in the midst of their problems and a ray of sunshine on a dark day, this is an excellent quote to remember. No problem is too big to overcome if you trust in God.

While reading Romans 8:31 the other day, I had this thought regarding those who do not believe in a deity:

My GOD is bigger than your … wait, whom do atheists have on their side?

I don’t hate anybody. Besides hate being such a strong word, as a Christian I love all my brothers and sisters in Christ, even if they are wayward and lack faith.

However, I can’t help feeling a touch of sorrow for those who don’t believe in God, for that is such a lonely position to be in. It’s a long, difficult road to traverse alone. It’s like crawling through a sewage tunnel with no exit or light at the end.